Welcome to Engine Ears ANS.

Engine Ears is a group of Forensic Audio Specialists working out of Oslo, Norway.
Court qualified as expert witness in Forensic Audio, Norwegian Court, "Lagmannsretten" and "Tingretten". ( Court of Appeal and District Court )
Serving the Norwegian Police, National Crime Investigating Services and other Government Agencies with Forensic Audio & Video work,
lately also other European Police Agencies.

Engine Ears are logging ENF info for Norway, and countries connected.
We are using the method from Nederlands Forensisch Instituut.

Contact can be made at:
Phone; +47 9019 5306
Mail; post (at) engine-ears.no


Clarifying Audio

Engine Ears has made several courses aimed at operational staff and personnel from Police, goverment agencies and others with little or no previous experience in enhansing audio recorings.
Please contact us for further details.